Online Courses for Web Design Canada

Online courses for web design Canada are proving to be very trendy among students. They can be accessed anywhere you are as long as there is a reliable Internet connection, making them convenient.


HTML, Web Graphics and CSS are included in virtually all courses. But most of these classes include other subjects such as XML/XHTML, audio/video, Flash, PHP and AJAX. Students are also taught how to design web pages in a professional manner.

These lessons include proper alignment of text and graphics and how to use color correctly. The course or an instructor will explain how to appropriately use videos, audio and other plug-ins.

Other subjects may be pursued by students on the web. Some classes focus on design theory, advanced Web technology and digital illustration. Some classes are for those who just want to learn how to put a website together. Other classes are for people interested in web administration and programming.

After a student finishes any of these courses, they will be in a better position to study Java, ActiveX and other technologies used on the web. In fact there are some websites which offer these topics in their curriculum.

Hybrid Classes

The majority of these classes can be completed on the Internet. But a few of them may require students to visit their campus. This is rare, but one should check the site policies to be sure.


Certifications of completion are given to those who finish these courses. There are many variants though; the type that will be given depends on how many courses are finished. An Associate Certificate is the most commonly given. Higher level certificates are awarded to those who take more courses. There are also bachelor’s degrees offered by online universities.


Studying online is more affordable. Courses are self paced; students can arrange the schedule as they please. They also have access to a lot of resources on the web. Users can also interact with instructors. They can get in touch with other students online via email and discussion groups and boards.

Other Information

IT is included in some of these courses. Their relationship with web development is studied. Students may also go in depth in the study of HTML code, programming languages. There are courses for those into Web standards and practices. This subject ensures a website will be compatible with the browsers that people use.

There are many online courses for web design Canada, but their quality varies. But do make sure the online school has accreditation in Canada.