Online Courses for Web Designer

The purpose of online courses for web designer is to help students learn the skills to make quality websites. Many of these programs are free, while others are affiliated with well known schools.


The main thrust of these courses is teaching students how to do HTML coding and CSS. They will also learn how to embed graphics and other elements in web pages.

Other courses focus on using specific programs like Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Fireworks. Unlike other courses, web development is most suited for Internet based study because the computer is used a lot.

Course Features and Contents

Several universities offer certificates and degrees in various areas of the subject. Most of these programs use a course management system like Blackboard to gain access to course materials. You can learn how to produce web pages alone.

But many sites allow for group discussions via their course system. There are also Internet programs which provide an instructor or teaching assistant to students.

CE Programs

You will also come across some programs that focus on continuing education (CE). These are usually aimed at IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge about web technologies. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree to qualify. There may be other qualifications that the school will set. The required coursework will vary. Some of them may include information architecture, database management and advanced web applications.

You also have the option of studying JavaScript, website development and administration and multimedia production. Participants will also study topics like information retrieval theories and overseeing large websites. Many advanced courses place an emphasis on organizing information.

Other Elements in Web Courses

Information management is one of the key features in most of these courses. Advanced programs are centered on particular information studies. Other topics which are covered in depth are applications development, database, Flash animation and interface design.

Other Information

The duration of these programs can vary, but many can be finished in less than three years. Other courses which encompass website creation are project management, digital libraries and usability analysis. These programs have lecture notes, videos and other materials which make studying easier.

Online courses for web designer also provide homework, demos and downloadable course materials. Quizzes are used in these programs to determine your progress. The course materials vary per site. Evaluate each one. Get to know what courses they are offering before signing up for it.