Online Courses for Wildlife Management

Online courses for wildlife management are available as fully web based or hybrid (online and offline studies needed). These courses are not yet commonplace. But for those who want to study something different they are good options.


The majority of these Internet courses are components of wild and fisheries programs. Students who take part in these programs will learn different subjects related to the field. Natural resources, outdoor recreation and the tasks of wildlife biologists are studied. The subject is ideal for students in getting related degrees in fisheries or master environmental issues.

Job Prospects for Graduates

Graduates have several career options. Among them are as a forest ranger, professional research manager, conservation law enforcement officer and recreation specialist researcher.


Obviously a computer with Internet access is required. Headphones or speakers are needed to listen to video lessons. The majority of these programs state that chemistry and biology knowledge are needed. A lot of the study materials required are already online. But some courses may require purchase of some textbooks or DVDs. These materials can be ordered usually from the school website.

Popular Courses on the Internet

One of the best known is wildlife conservation. As the name suggests, this course focuses on conserving the planet’s natural resources. This course also provides an introduction to evolution and ecology.

An ornithology course focuses on birds and their effects on the environment and humans. It also emphasizes biological studies. A wildlife damage management course concentrates on damage caused to wildlife and how it can be handled. The positive and negative effects of human interaction with animals are studied.

A general wildlife biology course teaches wildlife behavior, genetic origins and life cycles. There are also courses that combine geology, biology, chemistry and nature conservation.

Other Available Courses

Some Internet courses concentrate on gathering biological data and animal disease control. There is also a wildlife data collection and analysis course. The emphasis is on teaching the methods scientists use to assess and gather data.

The role of the students is to collect information on problem solving and testing hypothesis. An environmental natural science course focuses on data analysis. The emphasis is using scientific knowledge to resolve problems in the environment.

Online courses for wildlife management are diverse, but almost all of them teach students about ecosystems, ecology and related issues. Career prospects and guidance are also offered frequently. Internet courses also offer certificates of completion for graduates.