Online Courses for YCDSB

Online courses for YCDSB (York Catholic District School Board) are designed to help students who are pursuing a degree. The variety of topics they offer online makes it an alternative option to the usual classes.


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E-Courses Overview

YCDSB web studies include business info technology, travel and tourism, studies in literature, media studies and math for college technology. There are also courses on environmental science,

Canadian history, and earth and space science. Students are allowed to take up to four courses every semester. But only one of them can be an e-course. Credit wise, these courses are the same value as regular classes. Students have to finish the course to get credit.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a Roman Catholic baptismal certificate, proof of age, proof of English and residency. They must also have evidence of their Canadian status. For immigrants and diplomats, the process will follow the laws of Canadian immigration. Aboriginal students have to file their papers according to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada laws.

Continuing Education

These are divided into elementary, adult and secondary programs. Elementary CE programs include math, skills development, primary power program and multimedia presentation. There are also courses on professional languages and Adobe Flash. Secondary CE classes consist of global education opportunities, math preparation, literacy, driver education and co-operative education. There are also courses on summer and night school.

Other Programs

These include topics on teacher scholarship, transitional diagnostic centers, school to work transition, speech / language services and social communication. There are also subjects about physical management, learning strategies, functional life skills, alternative education, reading recovery and family life education. The school also has programs for English as a second language, childcare, attendance and counseling services.

Facts about Junior Kindergarten

This is an orientation program allowing teachers and parents to meet and discuss the class. Orientation can span two months. This is necessary for children to get used to the new routines and surroundings.

During these sessions, you learn facts about the program and determine a child’s confidence level. Parents can also use this opportunity to learn a child’s capability to engage in various activities. This is also a good opportunity to check on the development of the student.

CE Online courses for YCDSB are also available for adults. Their adult programs include computers for seniors, auto mechanics 101, web page design, yoga and world religions. They also offer basic and intermediate Microsoft Office training.