Online Math Courses for High School Students

The availability of online math courses for high school students makes it possible for these kids to sharpen up their skills. In many cases, books are still necessary to fully comprehend the subject. But the web can go a long way towards improving your ability to understand arithmetic and similar subjects.


For the most part, these courses are free. There are also a lot to choose from. Some Internet courses focus on general subjects, while others on specific types. There are some courses that offer basic information, while others can prepare you for more advanced subjects.

Internet Math Classes – Overview

Not all these sites are affiliated with universities or colleges. Some of them function like a large directory that provides links to sites that teach algebra, geometry, trigonometry, combinatorics, number theory and many more. Many of these sites do not just target high school students, but also those at other levels. The majority of these sites offer introductory courses to the subjects they are teaching.

Several courses are divided into separate parts so they are more comprehensible. A well designed tutorial will also have illustrations, examples and questions and answers. Some of the more advanced sites have video streaming and multimedia.

Special Features

Many online sites are connected to universities so you can get video programs and other information from the university. Even those that are not linked to universities are connected with study foundations so you can view the materials for free.

You can find many kinds of information in these sites. Some are designed for teachers, but many subjects like calculus, group theory, functional analysis, algebraic geometry and other topics are for students.

Other Information

Some of the features of these sites are available in the US only. Some information are only meant for viewing in certain countries, so check the site first. The presentation also varies. Some are very basic, consisting of text and links. Other sites present the lessons as a virtual text book. A fancy presentation is appealing to the eyes, but remember what you are there for. Just pick the sites that make the most sense for you.

While a lot of people like to use online math courses for high school students, there are some limitations. Some of them can be very complex. This can be tough. But it can go a long way towards preparing you for the tests you will get in school.