Online Photography Courses for Free

Online photography courses for free means it is possible to become a topnotch photographer at no cost. There are several options available, but the following will give you an idea of what to expect.

Course Levels

Beginner levels delve on topics. These include how to use a camera, lighting and the photographer and managing exposure. At the basic level you will learn how to use a camera tripod, photographic lenses and film. At the intermediate level, aspiring photographers will learn how to use a flash, distinguish film types, fixing cameras and composition.

Advanced subjects focus on portraits, the dark room and how to develop film. You will also learn how to take aerial, sunset, sports nature and underwater photography.


Free courses offer several subjects. It isn’t unusual to find sites offering dozens of courses. These virtual classes offer them in different categories. Beginners can take up classes that teach the basics of camera use.

Several free courses on digital photography are available. Free tutorials will teach you how to use Photoshop (i.e., composition, adding layers, special effects and so on). There are also topics on how to take nature and animal photographs.

Some free courses offer tips for creating a portfolio. Free examinations and reviews are offered to test your knowledge. You will also find links to various articles, resources and useful links.


These programs use reading materials, photos and illustrations to explain various concepts. Free courses can be studied at any time. Formal training programs last for six to eight weeks. Unlike formal, tuition based classes, there are no tutors. Few offer technical support. But some of them use forums and discussion boards where you can interact with other aspiring photographers.

Some of these courses are not totally free; they are instead free previews. Make sure that the site is totally no cost. Other courses focus on becoming a professional photographer. It covers aspects like how to make money and when to use digital special effects.

Other Information

Aspiring photographers can take up specific courses. These include black and white, landscape photography, glamour and wedding. You can also specialize in freelance photography, digital imaging and many others. Digital and basic imaging is very popular among beginners. The other courses are for those who have knowledge of photography already.

Online photography courses for free have different features. Remember that free courses do not offer any certification. Formal courses offer them, but you have to pay a tuition fee.