Online Science Courses for Credit

Science is one of the core subjects taught in school. From elementary to high school and all the way to college, Science is among the subjects that students have to take in order to complete their course credit requirements and finish school.

Now, if you are studying to become a doctor, a nurse or other health care professional; you will have to take more advanced Science courses. If you want to specialize in Physics, Molecular Biology or any other Science-related field, you will also have to take more Science courses.

Online Science Courses for Credit

If you wish to concentrate on your required Science course or courses, depending on whether you are in high school or college, by taking it separately as opposed to including it with your other subjects for the semester you should look into enrolling in online Science courses for credit.

There are high school-level and college-level Science courses offered online and you can these any time you wish to do so.

By enrolling in an online Science course, you can give your full attention to your classes and lessons unlike with taking it together with your on-campus classes where you have to split your time studying for each course.

Also, since you can enroll at any time, you can take your Science courses in the summer where you have more time to concentrate on your studies.

Online Science Courses for High School and College Credit

Depending on the online school, the course fees may already cover the study materials and fee for the final exam or you may have to pay separate fees for these. Check with your online school about their fee inclusions before you enroll.

You can find several providers of Science courses for high school credit on the internet. The following are some of these: General Biology 1 and 2; and General Chemistry.

For Science courses for college credits, there are more options for these including the following:

– Chemistry

– Physics

– Biology I and II

– Organic Chemistry

– Fundamentals of Microbiology

– Anatomy and Physiology I and II

– Marine Biology

– Human Growth and Development

– Research Methodology

– Genetics

– Immunology

– Molecular Cell Biology

– Neuroscience

You will find that some of these courses are requirements for pre-med courses while others are general college requirements.

Most of the Science courses for college-level are equivalent to three semester units but you should still check with the online school about the number of credits per course and towards which Science requirement can these be applied to.