Online Writing Courses for Free

Have you always been fascinated by fiction and poetry? Do you envy your friends who can work from home doing freelance writing? Or maybe you just want to brush-up on your writing skills?

Lucky for you, there are online writing courses for free and a good number of them are actually very informative. Some of them will even guide you through the entire process of writing – from start to finish.

Online Business Writing Courses

Writing a good business letter can earn you new clients, projects or sell your products while a poorly written business proposal can make the recipients run as far away from you as possible.

What’s even worse is that word might get around that you do not know how to sell yourself; your products, services, company – which could give the impression that whatever you are selling is mediocre.

Good thing there’s a business writing course online and it’s free. You don’t have to search far and wide, just use your trusty search engine to lead you to helpful links. Now, what will you learn from a business writing course?

For starters, you can learn about the right format of a business letter. Where to put the date, what information to put on the heading and the right salutation for the recipient are all important considerations for a business letter to be truly effective and you can learn more about these through writing courses.

Writing Web Content

One of the most profitable freelance writing jobs today is writing web content. With the proliferation of websites that talk about practically anything under the sun, there is a huge need for freelance writers who can come up with excellent copy for websites.

Before you can write excellent web content, you first have to know what the website is all about and then you also have to know its target audience so you can come up with articles that will interest the readers.

Not only that, you also have to be familiar with internet jargon especially if the clients want to focus on SEO writing. Online writing courses for free that focus on web content can educate you on how to write effective contents for whatever type of website you will be writing for.

Creative Writing Courses

If you wish to write straight from the inner workings of your imagination, you can also find online creative writing courses for free.

Whether it’s poetry that you want to concentrate on or you want to write children’s books, novels or even essays; you will definitely find online creative courses very helpful.

From learning how to tap your imagination to writing your first sentence, creative writing courses can provide you with guidelines on writing fiction or poetry and also provide you with information on how to get published.