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ABOUT US STAFF – Marito Hana

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Marito Hana – Science

Mr. Hana is your typical high school science teacher; part mad scientist and part educator. As Mr. Hana says himself, “Getting kids involved is super hard now days so bringing out the wild experiments and really putting on a show works… and besides, it’s a whole lot of fun!”

A professed fan of Mr. Wizard growing up, Mr. Hana got into science by entering and winning his school’s science fair way back in the 6th grade. From that day forward he was stuck with science on the brain and seemed inevitable to be involved teaching and sure enough his life’s course stayed on track and his passion is now his life’s work.

“I’m excited about the internet and reaching out to others and allowing them to also experience the joys of science and getting more education.” He once wrote on his own blog and we knew we had the perfect person to ask to contribute to Online Courses for You. It is a match made in heaven.

Mr. Hana is a widower but is currently with his girlfriend of 3 years and says that marriage might be around the corner. He has no children yet but thinks of all his students, both past and present, as his extended family.