Stanford Online Courses for High School Students

Stanford University’s Education for Gifted Youth provides young adults from anywhere in the world the opportunity to continue their education through distance learning.

Through EPGY Stanford Courses for High School Students, high school students may continue their education online or take their full high school education through distance education to get their diploma.

Stanford’s EPGY Online High School serves students from the 7th grade up to the 12th grade and has been providing online high school education since the year 2006. Apart from providing flexible options for completion of students’ high school education, the program also promotes independence and discipline in their students as well as instill in them the importance of time management.

OHS Courses

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Courses offered by the EPGY OHS program are divided into five general categories: Core, English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science.

Core courses focus on Biology, History of Science, Political Theory and Philosophy. Here, students can learn more about Methodology of Science in Biology, History of Science: Great Ideas, Observations and Experiments; Democracy, Freedom and the Rule of Law; and Critical Reading and Argumentation.

English is divided into Middle School, High School and College-level English; while Humanities is subdivided into History, Foreign Language and Music.

For those looking to study Mathematics, this general category is subdivided into the following: Secondary Mathematics, University-level, Computer Science, Economics and Statistics; while General Science is subdivided into the following: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Applying for Courses

When applying for Stanford online courses for high school students through the EPGY program, you have two options: General Application and Application for a Specific Course.

For General Application, you will be enrolling in full or part-time courses. This means that you will either have to enroll in six courses or three courses.

This type of application is likewise applicable to students who wish to enroll in just one course but is not yet certain as to which course to take for the coming year.

Application for a specific course on the other hand, allows you to enroll in just one course which you need to be specific about in your application form. This means that you will only be admitted to this one specific course that you have chosen.

In the event that you wish to apply for more courses, you will have to go through a completely new application procedure.

Part-time and specific-course options are ideal for students who are enrolled in another learning institution as these afford them more time to focus on their other studies.