Stanford Online Courses for Kids

Stanford online courses for kids are offered through the Education Program for Gifted Youth where children from five years of age up to fifteen years old and above are given the opportunity to complete their studies via distance learning.

The courses mainly focus on the following subjects: Math, Science and English; however, other courses are likewise offered including Computer Programming, Foreign Languages such as Chinese and Latin, History, Economics and even Music.

Course Methods

Students are basically given two options in terms of how they want to take the courses: structured, self-paced learning; and live online classes.

With the structured, self-paced learning students are allowed to complete the course on their own provided that the structured module is strictly followed.

An instructor duly appointed by EPGY will be available for questions and support to assist the student in completing the course module.

With live online classes, students can interrelate with the other students enrolled in the same class as well as the instructor facilitating the lessons.

A software program that will enable real-time interaction is provided by EPGY to simulate live classroom set-up.

Student’s progress is regularly monitored by their designated instructor and further instructions may be given to help students complete their coursework within the given time frame.

Stanford Online Courses for Kids: Coursework

Basically, exercises to test the students’ progress in their coursework are given and these are directly answered on the computer. Once completed, the computer program designed for a specific course will instantly supply the student with feedback regarding how well they did in the exercises.

Homework in the traditional style where the students are given questions or research work which they have to answer and complete as accurately as possible, may also be included in the coursework.

Submission of completed assignments is via electronic mail or thru other online means as per the instructions of the student’s designated online professor.

Application Process

Students who wish to take part in any of the EPGY courses are required to take an aptitude test. After evaluation, EPGY will inform concerned students whether they qualify for the program or not.

The required aptitude test must be taken within a period of 2 years from the date of submission of the online application.

Tuition is generally around $495 up to $750 depending on the course. Course fees do not include registration fee which is pegged at $35 and handling fee of about $15. For students outside the United States, handling fee may vary.