Teaching Online Courses for Free

Teaching online courses for free give educators a free tool with which to supplement their studies. Because they are free, educators don’t have to increase their budget.

Coursework Overview

The subjects covered in free teacher education programs are similar to those offered in universities. Many sites have resources for K-12 teaching. Other subjects focus on a teacher’s educational leadership and management issues. Some of these websites are affiliated with universities. The courses and subjects are taken directly from lectures in live classes.

Teachers will also find subjects concerning doctoral, bachelor’s, master’s and other degrees. Educators will find info on the use of technology in classrooms. Vital subjects like instructional design, educational studies, child development and student assessments can be found in these free sites.

Other topics that you can study are teaching methods, counseling, bilingual education and administration. Additional courses that teachers can learn are about executive leadership, communications and new learning techniques. There are also websites for adult education, post-secondary education and many others.

Additional Details

You will also find topics concerning special education. There are websites devoted to teaching kids with autism, slow learners, gifted students etc. You will also find out how to prepare lessons and keep students interested in learning.

If you are already a teacher, you can use these resources and learn how to advance your career. An aspiring teacher can use these websites and check what the requirements are to earn a higher degree.


Most of these sites consist of texts, some of which are in PDF format. There are also teacher websites that use videos and podcasts. There are also courses that focus on preparing curriculums. Teachers who are not yet versed with technology can take advantage of these sites. At no extra cost, they can be updated on the latest innovations. This is crucial because students rely so much on technology today.


These teacher resources have no fixed schedules. There is no need to adjust your schedule or abandon other obligations.

Other Information

The demand for K-12 teachers is expected to increase in the coming years. With these websites, teachers can be better prepared. These sites also offer advice and tips for those who have yet to pass their state board exam.

Teaching online courses for free certainly have benefits. But there are limitations. For instance, these courses do not earn credit. These sites do not offer degrees, certificates or diplomas either.