University Of Phoenix Online Courses for Education

If the only thing standing in your way of becoming a licensed elementary grade teach is your lack of course credentials, you can complete your Bachelor of Science in Education online.

You can take one course at a time so you won’t be pressed for time if you’re holding a regular job.

By gradually working towards completion of your credit courses to finally earn you that Bachelor’s degree, you may just find yourself fulfilling your dream of becoming a teacher sooner than you think.

University Of Phoenix Online Courses for Education

Your dilemma at this point might be finding the right school for your education courses.

While you can randomly search online for universities that offer education courses online, a better idea would be to check specific schools you have in mind so you can instantly narrow down your search.

University of Phoenix is one of the top universities in the United States that offers education courses online under their BS Ed. Program. The courses are geared towards students who wish to pursue a teaching career in elementary education.

The courses are for students who have no teaching experience so this may be a good place to start for you. Each course takes about 5 to 6 weeks to complete so it’s best to fix your schedule ahead of time to enable you to focus on your studies.

BS Ed. Online Courses

When you take any of the education courses offered by University of Phoenix, you may be required to complete field work as part of the courses. This means that you may have to “work” as a student teacher together with an accredited and licensed teacher from the university.

The course list for BS Ed. includes the following:

– Foundations for General Education and Professional Success

– Orientation to Teacher Education

– Foundations of Education

– Child Development

– Models and Theories of Education

– Legal and Ethical Issues in Education

– Classroom Management

– Assessment in Elementary Education

– Orientation to the Exceptional Child

– Special Education Field Experience

– Children’s Literature

For courses that focus on specific elementary education subjects, you can choose from the following:

– Elementary Methods in Mathematics

– Elementary Methods in Science

– Elementary Methods in Health and PE

– Elementary Methods in Social Studies

– Elementary Methods in Fine Arts

If you cannot decide on which course to take first, there is a link on the university’s official website that will direct you to someone who can provide more information about the courses as well as walk you through the admissions process.