Accredited Online Courses for Medical Billing

Taking accredited online courses for medical billing is the only way to ensure your studies are recognized by firms and companies. An accredited course will provide you the guidelines needed to be a qualified biller / coder. Before enrolling in one of these classes, there are several things you have to consider.

Online and Hybrid Programs

Some of these programs are fully online. All subjects are studied on the Internet, and all study materials are online. Other courses are hybrid. You will be required to attend classes in person. These classes may be weekly or just every few weeks. Decide which is better suited for you.


Select programs that offer programs that suit your needs. Some of the coursework includes medical insurance and managed care, medical documentation electronic data interchange and modifiers and managing health insurance claim forms. Core courses will center on billing. Coding is also taught in most of these classes.

In fact most med billing programs include coding in their core courses. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. Stick only with the programs that you are interested in. Only buy programs that allow you to select individual courses. This way you don’t end up buying courses you don’t need.

A well designed program will tell you how medical claims are relayed to insurers. You will also learn how to read a patient’s chart. The information there is then transformed into codes. This is a task for coders, but most billers are taught how to code as well.


This will vary from program to program and from state to state. Read the website for more information concerning enrollment policies, field based internships (if any) credit transfers and so on. Again, pay attention if the program is hybrid or not. If it’s a hybrid course, make sure there is hands-on training. Ask about internship opportunities and related programs.

Other Information

Go to forums and discussion boards concerning medical billing programs. Ask about the site you are interested in. Is it getting positive feedback? Has anyone graduated from the program gotten a job? Learn as much about the site as you can. Read course descriptions thoroughly. What exactly are they offering? What kind of software does it have?

Finding accredited online courses for medical billing isn’t that hard. If the site has credentials, they will make it known. Another benefit of credited sites is they make credit transfer easier.