Best Online Courses for Photography

The best online courses for photography are those that combine comprehensive lessons with affordability. The best program should do more than just teach you how to point and click a camera. As any photographer will tell you, there is more to the subject than that.

Coursework Overview

The courses will depend on the program. Some are for hobbyists only. On the other hand, there are photography schools for those who want to earn a degree (i.e. bachelor’s degree). Standard topics include lighting and equipment, digital imaging and software and darkroom techniques. There are also subjects about client relations and art direction.

Here aspiring photographers learn the basic techniques. There are also courses for those who want to know about the business side of the job. The subjects here are focused on working and billing clients. Students also learn how to shoot landscapes, portraits, fashion / glamour photography, taking sunset photos, nature / wildlife photography and many others.

Additional Details

In photography colleges with online features, lessons are provided interactively. Videos, audio and presentations are used to demonstrate key concepts. They learn how to take photos using virtual labs and online instructions.

There are many subjects that you can take up such as commercial photography, photojournalism and digital imaging techniques. Film and print processing, camera operations and underwater photography are also covered. Students learn how to work with raw images. They are also taught how to use Photoshop and other image editing applications. Macro photography and image composition are also taught.

Other Information

Some of these programs allow students to take up arts major. It is not unusual for a class to offer art and art history classes with photography lessons. Aside from being a professional photographer, you can become a photography teacher too. There are programs for those who want to teach adults or K-12 students. Some universities offer photography as a major, while in others it is minor concentration in art class.


Not all online courses provide degrees or certification. Many just provide information for taking photos. If you just want to improve your photography skills, non-degree sites will be enough. But if a certificate or degree is needed, make sure the university offers one.

In the end, the choice of the best online courses for photography is something only the student can decide. But the information provided above can be used as a guide to choosing the right school.