Business Management Online Courses for Free

Business management online courses for free keep your knowledge in the industry up to date at no cost. These courses are suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners and students. They are suitable for anyone who wants to know something about the industry.

Coursework Overview

In terms of content, these free programs can be compared to business management schools. Different topics are covered. The major areas of studies are financial and accounting, management disciplines, project management for executives and organization leadership and decision making.

Other subjects you can study are business best practices, negotiating strategies, organizational development and change. Aspiring businessmen can also learn about tax issues, legal aspects of contracts and operations. Free study resources on strategic and marketing management can also be learned.

After going through the basics, you will learn about accountability, decision making, empowerment and leadership theories. More advanced topics are centered on resources, benchmarking, preparing for negotiations, tools in negotiating and personality types.

Additional Details

Each of the major categories covers a wide array of subjects. In management disciplines, you will study management of risks, finances, marketing and sales. Many business management universities focus on operations, production, human resource management and strategies. Additional subjects may be included depending on the scope of the site.


Free classes are separated into modules and classes. This makes it easier for anyone to get to the information required. Reading materials and videos are used. Interactive features are also present in some websites.

Objectives and Purpose

The purpose of these programs is to help you comprehend accounting and financial terms. These free classes can be used to learn about the marketing process and the function of technology. By the time they finish these classes, you will become aware of the managerial and practical skills necessary to succeed.

Aspiring businessmen also find out how to deal with legal requirements while running your business. One of the most important subjects is how taxes will affect your enterprise. Among the subjects explored are types of entities and tax returns, property dispositions, income and expenses. Numerous methods of accounting are also explored.

Other Information

The subject of project management is one of the most intensely covered. You can study its various aspects like processes and practices, methodology, being an effective project manager and management life cycles.

Business management online courses for free can be accessed by anyone. However, you must have basic understanding of word processing and email.