FEMA Online Courses for College Credits

FEMA online courses for college credits are available for US students. There are also courses for international students. The following are some of the programs currently available.

Coursework Overview

FEMA - 39948 - FEMA^^39,s international Classroom

FEMA - 39948 - FEMA^^39,s international Classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Courses cover the following areas: hazard mitigation, integrated preparedness, public disaster communications, continuity programs and service to disaster victims. There are also topics about emergency communications, disaster logistics and operational planning. Incident management is also one of the topics that is covered.

Other topics such as public works and disaster recovery, emergency management for senior officials and workplace violence awareness are your other choices. Other courses are emergency manager: an orientation to the position, orientation to FEMA logistics, FEMA EEO supervisor course 2012 and special events contingency planning for public safety agencies.

Animals in disasters: awareness and preparedness, a citizen’s guide to disaster assistance and an introduction to hazardous materials can be taken up on the web. Other subjects that you can find are livestock in disasters, fundamentals of emergency management, emergency planning and effective communication.

Radiological emergency response, the role of voluntary agencies in emergency management, basic instructional skills and developing and managing volunteers are taught. There are also courses on community hurricane preparedness and introduction to hazard mitigation.

College Credits

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) has a credit program for ISP (Independent Study Courses). This is by way of the FCC (Frederick Community College). The FCC decides which FEMA courses match up to their standards. These credits can be used for personal satisfaction, career enhancement and promotion. These credits can also be used for getting a certificate or an associate’s degree.

Other Information

You will also find out about FEMA initial ethics orientation 2012, incident action plan terminology and deployment basics. Retail security awareness, civil rights and FEMA disaster assistance and safety orientation are also available on the web.


You must have an Internet connection, Windows (XP, 2000 or above) or Mac OS X. Internet Explorer or Firefox is recommended. You also need an MS Office viewer or Microsoft Office installed. Macromedia Flash Player 7 or above and Adobe PDF Reader 7.07 or above are required.


To apply, you have to choose one of the materials in their course list. Review the materials before making a choice. Fill up the online answer sheet for the test. A notification will be sent via email.

FEMA online courses for college credits have specific requirements. Make sure that you understand the site policies before selecting a course.