Free Online Courses for Firefighters

Free online courses for firefighters can be accessed in several websites. By using these resources, firemen can continue with their studies and be updated on the latest news.


These Internet lessons are not just for seasoned firefighters. Even those who just want to know how these people do their job will gain a lot by taking these courses. The information provided on these sites varies. The way the information is presented differs also. Unlike tuition based courses, you can try as many as you want since they won’t cost anything.

Contents and Features

These web classes offer different kinds of study materials. There are websites that focus on the basics; these are introductory lessons intended for beginners. Others function like refresher courses. Coursework that center on advanced topics are aimed at veteran firefighters. A lot of firefighting programs are comprised of CE credits.

Participants in these online programs will get an overview of what firefighting equipment are used today. They will become familiar with the terms and jargon used in the profession. Another topic that will be discussed is dealing with toxic and hazardous materials.

The participants will be instructed how to respond in case they encounter it. Participants will also be instructed about the incident command system and wildland suppression orientation.


The majority of these courses use text and images. You just go to the site and click on the appropriate links. In some cases you have to download the files. Downloadable files are usually in DOC or PDF format. Sometimes the course files are in ZIP format. A few programs use video and animation.

Other Information

These Internet courses also provide information on emergency management responsibilities as well as wildland fire behavior. Enrollees in these courses will also focus on hazard mitigation and disaster logistics.

Another vital lesson is how to communicate effectively during an emergency. Various other topics will be discussed mainly dealing with fire and how to prevent them from spreading.

Free and Tuition Based Courses

Many free sites, especially those sponsored by government agencies give certificates to those who take and pass the course. The tuition based courses provided are usually offered by colleges and universities.

Free online courses for firefighters used to be available only on Internet government agencies. Now they are being offered at private companies with sponsorship from the government. There are also universities that offer these courses, perfect for students who want to take it up.