Free Online Courses for Banking

Free online courses for banking can be found in several websites. You will not get any credits by taking these resources. But students can use these in preparation for formal enrollment. Professionals can also use them for personal enrichment.

Coursework Overview

The topics in these websites are similar to those in schools for banking. They include financial accounts, balance sheets and budgets. There are also topics concerning mortgaging, payment protection insurance and other issues concerning finance.

There are also subjects concerning profit and loss, business studies, capital expenditure, assets, trading and profit. You will also find courses about investment banking. You will learn how bankers produce new businesses for financial institutions.

There are also courses that center on capital markets and banking. It is possible to take specific courses for investment banking. Other possible courses that may be studied are hedge funds, derivatives markets and making financial decisions.

Additional Details

These free websites also focus on other related subjects similar to those in universities with banking courses. As bankers, you will learn how these companies set up relationships with agencies and companies. Using these free resources, you can study acquisitions, mergers, finance services, corporate advisement.


This varies from class to class. To become an investment banker, you need to have a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). The ideal concentration is finance or investment banking. Other related specializations are available too. This is not required in most free courses.

They can study these programs freely. However, the information is very detailed. Unlike tuition based classes, there are no tutors. In formal classes, you get hands-on training. The advantage of these classes is you can study the programs entirely online.

Other Information

Free websites also explain the different features in banks. They learn about wealth management, bonds, stocks and other assets. Most of these websites use videos to supplement your studies. This is similar to those offered in formal courses. There are also internships offered in many colleges.

The durations vary depending on the course. This is usually not present in free courses. You will also find topics such as mutual funds, buy-side and sell-side investment. Free websites are often updated with new content. This ensures their relevance.

Free online courses for banking are available in several websites. If you do decide to enroll in an Internet class, make sure that it has accreditation. Some of these sites also offer free resources and previews.