Free Online Courses for Fashion Design

Free online courses for fashion design can get you started in this exciting and lucrative business. Free programs aren’t likely to get you any degrees. But the information they provide is useful.

Coursework Overview

Free courses offer a wide array of topics comparable to those in Web based pay classes. Different aspects of fashion are explored in depth such as fashion photography, merchandising, and fashion trends. Buying, selling and starting your own business are also delved into.

You will also find topics on the history of fashion and skills development. You will also find separate discussions about mass market, ready-to-wear and haute couture clothing. Other major areas of fashion may be studied. The big ones are women’s day and evening wear, accessories, bridal wear and outerwear.

Other subjects are about knitwear, sportswear, teenager girls’ wear, girls’ wear and kids wear. You will also find subjects about men’s clothing and women’s lingerie. You can also study subjects about illustration, drawing sketches and many other related topics. By going through these, you will get an idea of what course to pursue and what the requirements are.


These free courses also give you an idea of what types of fashion schools are available. For instance, there are fashion sites linked to art schools. The emphasis in these classes will be illustration. If you are more into the business side of things, you can enter a fashion business university. Free sites may also provide information on vocational colleges offering these courses.


Free courses are open for everyone. You may be asked to register, but this is also free. In more formal schools, the admission is stricter. In certain fashion schools, they require students to have knowledge in art, sewing or other related courses.

Applicants may be required to show their portfolio or have work / design experience. The costs vary. Usually, stand-alone and art school fashion classes are the most expensive. The cheapest are fashion classes in vocational schools.

Other Information

Another advantage of these sites you can see what degree options are being offered online. Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be earned in many classes. Basic classes offer certificates instead. The system specs will vary by site.

Free online courses for fashion design offer you a glimpse of what the industry is like. Using these resources, you will learn about subjects like fashion styling, consumer psychology and the economics of the industry.