Free Online Courses for Fashion Designing

Free online courses for fashion designing give students a chance to learn a variety of topics on the subject. Regardless of their background or training, the information can be used to supplement studies.

Coursework Overview

Fashion design schools and free resources have different features. But there are several elements that are covered in these sites. Among the most frequent topics studied are advanced pattern making, independent studio practice, production coordination, contract development & management.

You will also learn about draping & pattern drafting, couture garments, computer aided fashion design, pattern making & grading. Other subjects that have to be studied are digital textile design, production planning and trend forecasting.

Additional Details

Fashion design colleges also teach you about spec drawing, product design, design fundamentals, garment construction, fashion illustration and textiles theory. You are also going to learn about selling fashion ranges, label development work shopping, fashion show production and on shore & off shore production.

Other vital topics such as fashion marketing & PR, collection development and business planning are studied. You will also learn how to identify fabric performance and handling requirements, negotiate and manage contracts to produce finished design products.

There are also subjects that focus on developing a fashion range, manage fashion design process and research global design trends. You will also study how to design specific types of clothing such as bras, underwear, dresses, gowns etc.


Free websites are arranged in different ways. But they will offer various topics such as pattern-making skills, sewing, design and textile. Free resources do not have instructors. But they have plenty of forums and links.

Job Prospects

With proper knowledge, a student can become a bona fide fashion designer. You can also end up as a couturier, costume designer, pattern maker, fashion stylist or a production manager. Some students who take this course can become a textile designer, assistant designer or a fashion marketing agent. Free courses also teach how to be a product developer, magazine editor or a sample machinist.

Other Information

Admission requirements vary, and they can be very stringent. Top fashion schools in the US accept only a select number of students. Aside from online courses, you will also get hybrid classes and on-the-job training. They also provide post-graduate connections in these sites.

Free online courses for fashion designing can make it easier for students to learn. Even though they do not have credits, you have the chance to learn what these schools have to offer.