Free Online Courses for Homeschoolers

Free online courses for homeschoolers give a solid basis for those who want to learn from the comforts of home. The quality of education they provide is top of the line. They can equal or even surpass that found in the typical school.


This is a form of education wherein parents instruct their kids. However, the advent of the Internet has made it possible for children to study at home. The vast number of resources on the web has made it easier to prepare for homeschooling.

Using Online Resources

Free stuff is available, but parents can buy entire curriculum packages online. There are study books, CDs, DVDs and other study materials on the web. These can be purchased just like other merchandise. Just like in typical schools, there are packages for grade school and beyond.

For parents, these can be a real time saver. Instead of going to bookstores and ending up with outdated material, you can just buy the stuff online. The competing sites also helps keep the prices down.

Free Resources

The above-mentioned do not even count the free materials on the web. Many websites offer data for free for those studying at home. If you go online you will see a lot of sites with links with free math, English and science lessons.

Practically all subjects taught in schools can be accessed online at no cost. There are specific types of information for preschoolers, grade school, high school and college. There are even resources for professionals who want to continue their education.

Types of Information on the Web

A lot of the information consists of text, images and links. Websites for alternate education are designed just like other educational sites. The contents are divided into various subjects.

The more comprehensive ones have resources for kids, teens and up. Others focus on a specific age bracket. There are also those that emphasize a particular subject. Other sites are made of links to other sources.


There are many reasons why some people prefer to study at home. Parents can become active participants in the education of their children. They can design the curriculum to fit their children’s needs. They can also see the level that suits both parents and children.


Free online courses for homeschoolers are becoming a popular alternative to those not satisfied with the current state of education in schools. The Internet has made it easier for parents to get the appropriate materials for their children.