Free Online Courses for Real Estate License

Free online courses for real estate license give agents the edge they need to remain ahead of their competitors. Standard forms of training take a lot of time and money. However, the advent of Internet training has made things more affordable and in many cases free.


Thanks to these courses, agents can continue their education without spending money. They can boost their competitive edge without putting up cash up front. Even though many of these courses do not cost a cent, the information they offer is quite extensive.

Features of Internet Study Courses

Courses on the subject are like seminars which cover many topics. The most basic will address issues like appraisal, development and what real property is all about. Some courses will also discuss subjects like making commissions and what the state of commercial estate is today.

An increasingly common feature is the inclusion of an e-newsletter. This contains more information about the subjects discussed in the course. It isnt unusual for these free online lectures to offer products like e-books or books. If the course proved helpful, these materials might be worth a look too.

Many online seminars also offer audio tools. These can be very useful when learning concepts like net leasing, property management, relocation services and brokerages.


Most of the Internet courses are available 24/7. However, this is not always the case. Some sites offer live free lessons via webcast. In this case the lessons are more like a real class. You have to wait for the live feed to appear and take part in the lecture. The duration of these lessons differ.

It all depends on how many topics are covered. Aside from the topics mentioned, issues like squatting and tenancy may be touched upon. Tips for agents and advice for dealing with legal issues are also commonplace.

Other Information

If you are looking for Internet resources on the subject, try to narrow it down to the subjects you want to learn. There are sites that focus on real estate investing, organization and marketing. You will also find information about the different tools agents use in their trade.

Free online courses for real estate license are becoming more extensive by the day. Trends in the business, sales strategies and tactics are adequately covered. For the agent, it is simply a matter of finding the course. Just be certain to go over their features so you know exactly what is in store.