Free Online Courses for Nursing Students

Free online courses for nursing students are not just comprised of refresher courses. Many of them are associated with universities and colleges. They offer post-graduate and accelerated programs as well.

Contents and Features

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Some of these sites offer introductory material for new students. There are also courses which explain how you can earn different types of nursing degrees. Some free sites consist of mostly reading materials and articles. But there are some sites which have interactive features and videos. These allow students to grasp the basics of nursing and what to expect when they enroll in school.

These courses also explain how internship works and what you have to do. These online programs also dwell on issues like the nursing shortage in the US, how to choose a nursing school and many others. There are also courses which help you select between different nursing specialties like nursing informatics, nursing administration and education.

Nursing Degrees

Some Internet programs are designed for RN nurses so they can earn BA nursing degrees or Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Some allow you to focus on doctor of nursing programs. There are also programs which help expand your education. However, most of these are tuition based sites. But some free sites provide overviews of these programs to help you decide.

These free courses can be finished online. Those sites that require on-campus meetings are usually tuition based sites. There are also Internet programs that are aimed at students who have to assume some kind of leadership role in their job.

These programs offer different concentrations like psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, adult-gerontological nurse and executive leadership. These courses also have links to other sites where students can learn about medical terms. These sites also have connections to other resources like human anatomy, physiology and other topics.

Other Information

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Some of these sites are designed for practicing nurses who want to continue their education. Some of them now use presentations and slides to explain different concepts. Many of these free sites do not earn credit, but some of they may. You should also make sure that the information on these sites are updated.

Free online courses for nursing students have proven to be valuable resources for many students. Apart from the information provided, some of them have forums which you can use. This is where you can interact with other students and some online instructors.