Free Online Courses for Preschool Teachers

Free online courses for preschool teachers are made expressly to help educators. Because these websites are free, there is no additional financial burden.

Coursework Overview

These free programs center on childhood development and education. Coursework usually includes stress and education, creative activities for children, art and early education. There are also topics on children with special needs, classroom diversity and how to work with toddlers.

The coursework syllabus will have studies on nutrition, health and teaching principles. The emphasis in these early childhood education programs is to teach how to communicate with fundamental education principles to kids five years and under.

Applicants also get an idea of where they can work. Most of them work in early childhood education institutions, family day care centers or public school districts. Graduates of formal courses can also apply in child care centers. You can get a degree, diploma or credential. One of the most popular is a two-year associate degree program. If you want a more comprehensive, four-year bachelor’s degree program will do.

However, teachers of preschool programs do not need certification. This is required for secondary and primary teachers. Preschool educators do not need an instructional license either. However, companies still prefer preschool educators who have formal training. Most of these universities offer certification or license. Advanced courses are also available for these teachers.

Additional Subjects

These preschool education programs are going to include subjects like social skills, physical activities reading and music. It is the job of these teachers to pass this knowledge to children.

Comprehensive courses include studies in different areas. Among them are child development and professionalism and safety/health, families. Other areas that you can study are professional conduct, family engagement, curriculum creation and assessment techniques. Participants are also going to take up observation, assessment and other instructional methods.


Free courses are open for everyone. The most basic degrees require their applicants to possess a high school diploma. Other programs will require an Associate of Science degree. All applicants must be 18 years of age minimum.

GED or a high school diploma is needed too. Most of these classes will require you to have 120 hours of education. If not they must have training in schools or organizations involved in child rearing. You must also have a minimum of five years working experience.

Free online courses for preschool teachers are always updated. Rather than buy additional books, you can use the information provided in these sites.