Free Online Courses for Veterinarian Technicians

Free online courses for veterinarian technicians prepare students for this difficult but rewarding job. Even though they are free, many of these sites offer top of the line material and updated information which can help students.


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These programs explain the role that the vet tech has to do, including clinical and diagnostic procedures. In a way their role is similar to that of a nurse. In the past this degree was only available in brick and mortar universities. But now there are Internet based schools which have them. Those who are busy or prefer a nontraditional way of learning can take advantage of it.

Coursework Features

These programs have several components. The contents and lessons can also vary depending on the site. The introductory courses will explain to the students the fundamentals of veterinary technology and medicine. These lessons are detailed online. The platforms they use will vary depending on the site.

Some websites offer live lessons; that is, the lessons are presided by an instructor. But most of the time the information are archived. Because the lessons are stored, students can study the lessons anytime they want. This is the main advantage of learning online; you can study when the time is most appropriate.


Some of the subjects like proper handling of dogs and cats can be learned online, but other lessons involve clinical internship. This will be done at a participation hospital or clinic. The duration varies. In traditional campus programs, it takes about two years.

You will complete it at roughly the same time if you study continuously online. Those who do so part time will take longer to finish. In addition, students often have to conduct web conferencing sessions with their instructors.

Other Information

These courses go beyond stressing the importance of animal vaccination. They also offer advice on how to take care of puppies, kittens and other small animals. Topics like animal physiology, diseases and cures are studied.

These courses also explain what kind of medication to give, how regular checkups should be and so on. These websites also have links to other online resources, learning materials and other avenues of research. Many of these sites often have mentors for their students.

Free online courses for veterinarian technicians may offer other related degrees. Aside from a vet tech, you can study to be an animal care specialist, veterinary assistant or veterinary receptionist. Some of the courses you will study are going to be similar.