Online Courses for Pharmacy Technicians

If you finish one of the online courses for pharmacy technicians, you will get the opportunity to work with pharmacists throughout the country. Aside from medicine dispensation, you will also perform myriad other tasks.

Training on the Web

Several people prefer schooling on the Internet. It is more convenient than the usual classes and in many instances more affordable. In addition, web based training becomes a convenient way to prepare for a pharmacy technician license.

The training facilities on the Web may consist of one course or be a component of a certificate program or associates degree. These programs are designed to assist students for the licensing exams of the state. The majority of online courses for pharmacy technicians have an internship component. This feature makes it possible for the student to attain genuine work experience. Several students also use Internet courses for education credit continuation.


The online training facilities will also have you exploring subjects like poison/drug emergencies, anatomy/physiology, label and prescription information and pharmaceutical calculations & measurements. You will also be taught how to get familiar with medical jargon and terms.


Pharmacy technicians have no standard licensing requirements. Every state has its own licensing and educational standards. There are some states which have certain rules concerning Internet based training. You should get in touch with the state pharmacy board for information.

If you want to avail of online training, you will need a computer with high speed access to the web. Speakers and a sound card are necessary so you will be able to hear the lectures. A word processor and email address are also required.


Online schools have different formats. Many offer online correspondence, degree or diploma programs etc. The student has to decide which format suits them best. After enrolling, they will gain access to archived or streamed lessons.

Note that some online courses only offer asynchronous materials, while other have live lessons. In some universities, the pharmacy section is in the health care field. The pharmacy lessons are contained in this field.

Other Information about Online Courses for Pharmacy Technicians

Many of these online schools teach students how to process health insurance paperwork, fill up prescriptions and handle miscellaneous operations.

When looking for courses on the Internet, avoid those that do not have a national or regional accreditation in the US. These courses may not be legal. Also, they are not recognized in the industry or by prospective employers. Stick with the accredited ones.

Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Technicians