Free Online Courses for Writing

Free online courses for writing offer people the chance to enhance their skills. Even though these sites are free, the information they provide is of the highest quality.


These writing courses are just like traditional workshops. The only difference is that you are studying online. They are also free to use. Most of these are offered by websites and several private universities.


Some of the courses you will find online are writing and reading short stories, essays and poems. There are also subjects such as technology for professional writers, research writing and writing academic prose effectively.

Students can also learn about descriptive writing, writing fiction and writing creatively. Those who take part in these subjects will learn about critical reading, technical writing and writing in a professional manner. Aspiring writers may also want to take subjects in writing cleanly, avoid confusing words and using the same words.

More Features

The Internet offer students the chance to learn about narrative dialog editing, technical writing courses and learning how to write on the web. The latter subject includes using keywords and optimizing articles for search engines.

Some of these programs are OpenCourseWare (OCW). They are available for anyone who wants to learn how to write. These virtual workshops are not limited to writing; you will also learn how to analyze fiction, poems and essays.


Most of these sites make use of videos for their lectures. They also offer suggested reading lists and various examples. These classes are supervised by professionals, and they will go over your work. Some of these sites require registration.

Other Information

Students will also learn how to proofread their work and edit them as well. Enrollees will get trained in pattern and variation in poetry and how to become a screenwriter. Screenwriting courses take about eight weeks to finish. There are also subjects about covering breaking news and keeping your work clean.

Not all the courses discussed here are offered by these websites. Some of them focus only on specific subjects. For example, there are classes that focus only on writing fiction. Others center on creating poems.

Some of these courses run for just a few days. Others can take several weeks. It all depends on how many hours you are going to put in.

Some free online courses for writing may require registration. But there is no need to pay for them. Whether you are a professional writer or aspiring to be one, these sites can help.