Inexpensive Online Courses for Educators

For licensed and practicing teachers who wish to advance in their careers, a Master’s Degree could be the answer. With a Master’s Degree, more doors will be opened for you with regards to your career advancement.

Understandably, going back to school may not be your priority for two reasons: time and budget. Graduate school is expensive, maybe even more expensive than taking your undergraduate courses.

For this reason, not a lot of professionals consider getting a higher education. However, with education now also offered online, teachers and other professionals now have a better chance of continuing their education and getting a Master’s Degree.

Inexpensive Online Courses for Educators

To find inexpensive online courses for educators, you should first check those that are established specifically to provide online courses alone but whose courses, modules and instructors are affiliated with some of the top universities worldwide.

You may discover that online courses from campuses that have put their presence on the internet are basically priced the same whereas courses offered by websites thru their affiliate schools are much more affordable.

There are also online schools that are actually non-profit organizations which offer more affordable graduate courses with the help of financiers, donors and other supporters.

On the other hand, you can also ask the online university or college if they offer discounts and under what terms and conditions can you avail of these.

Your other options for tuition reduction are applying for a full or partial scholarship and applying for other financial aid options provided by the online school.

Graduate Courses for Teachers

You won’t lack in online graduate courses to take once you have decided to earn your Master’s Degree as there are quite a lot of offerings on the internet for M.S., M.A. and M.Ed. courses for teachers.

Among the Master of Science courses that you can take are:

– Curriculum and Instruction

– K-12 Special Education

– Educational Leadership

For Master of Arts courses, the following are some of your choices:

– Mathematics Education

– Science Education

– Science Ed. in Chemistry

– Science Ed. in Physics

– English Language Learning

There are also Science Ed. courses in Biological Sciences as well as Science Ed. in Geosciences.

For Master of Education, there are also several online courses to choose from such as Instructional Design and M. Ed. in Learning and Technology.

Bear in mind that the courses listed here have their own areas of study and they may or may not have several domains of study per course.

You should read the course overview and course guide to get more information about them and also to give you an idea if these are what you want to take.