Free Online Courses for Educators

Free online courses for educators allow them to increase their knowledge without spending a cent. The Internet is full of resources for professional educators. But they are also open to those who just want to learn something new.


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Curriculum training is available in many sites. These programs are designed by professional teachers. You will find sample document templates, classroom management guides and full lesson plans. Free classes are self-paced, allowing you to work at your own pace. Subjects online vary.

Some websites offer a few dozen courses. Larger websites offer thousands of them. Subjects like English, math, science, history, the arts, music and computer technology are very popular online. Large websites allow you to search by state, subject and theme. You can also search by class levels.

Other Subjects

Online workshops are designed to maximize classroom practices. This is necessary for putting together the proper academic standards. Educators may also focus on Interdisciplinary learning, inquiry based learning and teaching in a collaborative manner.

There are also courses for organizing a curriculum and preparing after school activities. Other subjects that may be studied are health arts, physical education and information technology. There are also topics which focus on improving relationships between teachers and students. You will also come across topics like developing good academic practices and keeping kids interested in lessons.


Websites offer audio, graphics and text to make lessons more comprehensible. These classes are provided by websites and online universities. Free resources are often offered by the latter. However, they do not have instructors. You can use them for further studies and research. But these sites do not get credit. They cannot be used for maintaining licenses or renewing them.

Lesson Plans

There are thousands of lesson plans available. Whether it is for adult education, high school or preschool, there are lessons you can download. You can use or modify them to suit your preferences. These have been developed by educators, so you can be certain they are of high quality. Tips, projects and other lesson materials are provided.

Other Information

These programs teach educators how to best relay information to their students. Chat rooms allow teachers across the world to interact. They can share notes, offer advice and assist one another. You may be required to register in these forums before you can comment.

Free online courses for educators can be of great value. There is no need to spend dollars to enhance and update your knowledge. This will benefit you and your students.