Online AP Courses for Homeschoolers

Advanced Placement courses are for high school students who are working towards earning course credits for college. The courses help them prepare for their Advanced Placement Exams.

AP Exams will determine whether or not your AP course can be credited towards your college courses. There is a minimum score that you have to reach before your AP courses can be added to your college course credits.

Now if you are home-schooled, you will first need to have the syllabi for the AP courses approved by the College Board AP Central, or an equivalent governing body.

It is important to follow this rule so you won’t waste your time studying AP courses that will not end-up on your high school transcript.

Online AP Courses for Homeschoolers

Advanced Placement courses are basically courses that you take during your high school years, usually starting on the 10th grade; but which are taught on a college-level type of teaching. This being said, it is not easy to take and pass an AP course.

However, do not let this deter you from pursuing your goal of working on your college credits in advance. There are online AP courses for homeschoolers that you can take and each one of these has been pre-approved by the College Board AP Central, or its equivalent.

Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to double-check on this tiny but very critical detail so you can be assured that you are taking the right AP courses – with a pre-approved syllabus.

AP Classes Online

You may already be familiar with the dynamics of online learning, being home-schooled and all; but you should know that taking online AP classes is very different from taking other “regular” courses.

You will need to spend a considerable amount of time on your classes and lessons – about eight to twelve hours per week, per course.

So unless you are fully committed to taking AP courses, you may be investing precious time and money on something that will not yield positive results in the end.

As for the matter of the actual AP courses online, you can choose from several. If it’s Art History that you are interested in, there is an AP course on Art History. The course basically talks about the early beginnings of Art – starting around pre-historic times up to the modern times.

If you would rather take AP Biology or AP Calculus, there are likewise courses that correspond to these subjects areas.

Economics, Comparative Government, Computer Science, English Literature, European History, World History, Statistics and Psychology are also some of the other AP courses that you can take online.