Online CE Courses for Dental Hygienist

Online CE courses for dental hygienist enables busy professionals to maintain their license. Continuing education is mandated in all states. Taking these programs ensures you stay updated in the latest technology and techniques.


The primary requirement is you have to be a licensed dental hygienist. Each state will also have their own particular requirements. This will vary, so you need to check them out. CE hours required also varies from state to state. Some states are flexible with self study courses.

Others are stricter; you have to follow precise percentage formulas to get credits. Some courses are hybrid; online studies are combined with live classes and seminars. State requirements are subject to change, so stay up to date.


Various CE courses are available. Some programs are free while others are not. Most are self-paced, equal to an hour or two or CE credit. Internet courses are extensive. Tests are included to determine your progress. Costs ranges from $6 to over $30.

After making payment, the program many be downloaded off the web. High prices are not indicative of quality; it all depends on the provider.

Many sites offer these courses. Several universities and colleges offer accredited continuing education programs for dental hygienists. Long and short term programs are being offered. The latter courses tend to be more intensive as more information is crammed in.

Again, these courses may be hybrid. Due to the nature of the industry, topics can change yearly. Fully web-based courses are cheaper, so they are the more practical option. Apart from universities, these programs are also offered by technical and community colleges.

Other Information

Courses are also offered by state dental hygienist organizations. Every state in the US has one. They are also good sources of CE programs. Some organizations even offer courses in Spanish and other languages. This can be a valuable tool if you deal with a lot of foreign patients.

Numerous subjects are offered. Take your time when comparing products. Choose carefully. Only get those that will further enhance your career. One of the things that you have to consider is your future goals. Some of these courses can help you get ready for it.

Online CE courses for dental hygienist have improved a lot during the last few years. Today you can learn about innovative medications and other topics that sharpen your skills. Whichever course you pick, be certain they are nationally approved and have accreditation.