Radiography Courses for Dental Nurses Online

Radiography courses for dental nurses online ready students to get an associate’s degree or certificate. By taking part in these web courses you will be better prepared for the national and state board examinations.


Most of these programs combine online work with training in labs. Internet based programs instruct their students how to assist dentists during cosmetic dental procedures. They also provide aid during surgeries and other works. Students will also learn how to use dental equipment and tools.

Students will also learn how to take x-rays. This part of the course is usually done on-site. The basic concepts of the technology however, will be explained on the Internet. Other topics that are going to be discussed are dental specialties, dental management, dental anatomy, safety practices and oral health.


Most of these classes will require GED or a high school diploma. Traditional classes will also require CPR certification, tetanus vaccinations and evidence of a recent physical exam. This may not be required in some Internet courses.

But it pays to have them around. After you are finished with online classes, these documents may be needed during the exam. These requirements will also be required in hybrid courses. A criminal background check is also conducted.


Internet programs also touch upon different dental processes. Among the subjects that will include are teeth filling. Part of the study involves root canal irrigation. You will also learn about tooth decay and how to prevent them.

An equally important point is oral health. Operative procedures, dental emergencies and dental materials. Students will also learn about interpersonal skills. This skill will be handy when dealing with nervous patients.

There are also courses dealing with pediatric and general clinical care. Emergency restorative procedures and numerous related degrees can also be taken up.

Continuing Education

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The majority of these Internet courses are for professionals who want to continue their education. CE courses allow them to take part in state examinations. The courses are updated and span different topics.

You can also study orthodontic or dental assisting. These programs explain how to work with oral surgeons and dentists as well. These courses also focus on oral health restoration and dental office management skills.

The average median salary of dental nurses is almost $28,000. Radiography courses for dental nurses online are very much in demand not just in the US but in other countries too. The salaries however, will differ.