Online College Courses for Military Spouses

Online college courses for military spouses provide these people with a convenient way to study. Since they are often on the move, learning in regular colleges can be difficult. The Internet eliminates this problem.


Military learning schools get spouses ready for life during and after military tenure. Courses include general studies, computer information systems, business administration, criminal justice and many others. Associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available.

The majority of these sites offers scholarship support, complimentary transcript evaluation and live student support. Military tuition assistance is given to service members. Individualized academic support is given. There are also transfer credit evaluations and grants. The latter takes care of the cost of books and other study materials.


Military universities can offer discounts of up to thousands of dollars. Terms are shorter. Studying on the web means you don’t have to commute.

These classes also have provisions for those who have to take a break from their studies due to military obligations. Before you decide to enroll in one of these courses, take the time to study them. This will prove beneficial in the long run.


This will vary depending on the school. Some are full-featured while others offer accelerated eight-week sessions. These courses are specially designed to suit the military lifestyle. These courses use video, audio, forums, email, chat rooms and other devices to make lessons interactive. Not all courses use these features; it all depends on what type of degree you are taking.

Many of these programs are affiliated with universities. Before you enroll, be certain the courses are for the online and not campus based programs. In campus classes, there are specific schedules such as during the weekend or day/night. The lessons are also fixed (i.e., eight weeks, six weeks etc). Online, the schedules are less strict. You should check what they are offering first.


Be certain the school you are enrolling in has accreditation. Accreditation means the school adheres to the standards set by the US government. This also ensures credit transfer is possible.

Other Information

Some colleges are designed specifically for spouses of military personnel. But most military colleges allow spouses and other family members to enroll. Many of the universities across the US also have special sections for military family members.

Online college courses for military spouses will continue to offer more programs and degrees. Flexible options and affordability ensure their becoming more popular.