Online Computer Courses for Seniors

The presence of online computer courses for seniors means it is not too late for elderly folk to learn how to surf the web. The good thing about these courses is most of them are free.


There are many resources on the web designed for seniors or anyone who want to learn basic computer skills and learn different computer programs. Most of these tutorials and guides online can be studied at their own pace. There is no need to hurry or face tough deadlines.

Course Contents

Some of these programs have interactive instructors. This makes them more like a traditional class. Instructors assign various lessons and assignments. Other web based courses do not have instructors. The lessons are arranged from the most basic to the more advanced. These courses usually begin with an introduction to computers and how they work. Seniors will learn about the various hardware components like the keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, modem and so on.

The lessons will then progress to operating systems and applications like word processors. These courses will also explore the use of other programs like spreadsheets, presentation apps and paint programs. Many of these sites have basic computer programs you can learn. They are accessible 24/7 so you can study anytime.

Additional Features

These websites also have quizzes and reviews so elderly folk can check how far they have progressed. You can interact via messaging boards, email, chat rooms and instant messaging. These websites also teach you about computer terminology and various concepts. Aside from explanations offered, there will also be pictures illustrating the guide.

Lessons for Using the Web

These websites also have lessons explaining how to use the Internet. Again these lessons start with the basics. The sites go over how the World Wide Web works, how to send email and how to visit different web pages.

Other Information

Once seniors are familiar with the basic workings of the web, they can go on to more advanced lessons. These will include making your own website, web hosting, Java, JavaScript and blogs. Other sites focus on the fun things you can do on the web like downloading movies, music, software or playing games.

Online computer courses for seniors are designed to take the mystery out of computing and the Internet. You just have to go over the lessons as often as you want. You will see that it is not as difficult as it seems.