Online Course for CNA to LPN

An online course for CNA to LPN used to be a rarity, but there are now several options currently available. If you are interested in making this transition, the Internet can be of assistance.


Among your options are communication, anatomy, nursing concepts and psychology. These subjects are usually included as a practical program component. These are like traditional class subjects, but you can complete them online. Strictly speaking, there is no single specific program for this transition.

But there are nursing programs that demand an applicant to be a CNA before being admitted. The advantage of these programs is the nurse can take the course during the evening and work during the day. In fact they can take the courses whenever they have time. However, LPN programs have clinical practice components. It means you have to conduct studies beyond the Internet course.

Course Features

The brunt of these courses are centered on nursing theories. These programs explain how aspiring nurses ought to treat patients. These same programs provide instructions on how to discern illnesses. An integral part of the course is teaching them how to communicate with patients during the various treatment stages. These programs help CNAs perform their role as assistants of nurses.

Courses differ in number, depending on the program. There are programs which require students to finish a specific number of courses. On the other hand, there are courses where you only have to finish a few of them. Many basic nursing subjects can be completed on the web.

But a few of these courses will need in-person attendance. This will be necessary to prove how much of patient care you know. Another benefit of online studies is they ready you for getting an LPN license.

Other Information

Anyone who wants to be a nurse must have a full comprehension of the organs, tissues and systems that comprise the human body. That is why anatomy is mandated in all courses. Some of these programs also have information about US nursing requirements and medical terminology. The subject is necessary to help them understand the thought processes and behavior of their patients. This is going to help them in treating people.

An online course for CNA to LPN will also include computer studies. Specializing in this subject enables them to use technology. They will study how to search the web for information and use applications to make reports and compile statistics.