Online Courses for Accounting Canada

Online courses for accounting Canada offer top of the line study programs for students. Internet classes are accepted throughout the country. The demand for these professionals is high with a salary potential of over $120,000.

Coursework Overview

The topics in these Canadian accounting schools go through a variety of topics. Aside from the basics, you also learn what it takes to do accounting on the web. Other areas of studies are transactions, financial statements, analyzing & recording transactions and adjusting accounts for financial statements.

An aspiring student must also learn how to classify accounts and finish an accounting cycle. There are also subjects on merchandising activities calculations, merchandise inventories & cost of goods sold.

Additional Details

A university with an accounting degree may be required to take up capital asset studies, corporation finance and cash flow analysis. You must also learn how to make cash flow reports. Other topics that have to be learned are master budgets and planning, cost-volume-profit analysis and cost allocation and performance.

There are also studies on manufacturing and job order costing, managerial accounting concepts and principles. Business administration, taxation, personal & business, accounting for sole proprietorship and corporations are studied separately. You also have to learn about bank reconciliation and payroll calculations.

Certificate Programs

A one year accounting program can get you a job as a bookkeeper or a job involving administrative accounting tasks. A 2 year program usually includes payroll compliance practitioner certification. This is provided by the Canadian Payroll Association. This will allow you to work at an entry-level position.

A student gets them ready for work in banking, insurance or investment. They have the chance to apply for a mutual funds license. Most colleges have two year certificate programs. Majors can be in financial planning, business administration or finance. Apart from accounting, you will learn how to work in finance. In other colleges, you may have to study other subjects.

Other Information

A student of one of these schools has to study income taxation, auditing and management accounting. Most of these colleges offer continuing education. Topics consist of advanced accounting and calculations. There are also specific subjects you may take up. You can become an administrative assistant or specialize in receivable departments or accounts payable. They can also become employees or bookkeepers.

Online courses for accounting Canada are usually part of bachelor’s degrees and other accounting related programs. These classes can boost your career and enhance your skills.