Online Courses for Accounting Ireland

Online courses for accounting Ireland will teach students how to perform different tasks. After you graduate from this program, you will have learned about financial analysis, tax work and bookkeeping among others.

Coursework Overview

Numerous accounting programs in Irish universities offer this program in their curriculum. Topics include auditing, tax principles, bookkeeping and accounting principles. You also have to study finance, business forecasting, federal taxation and advanced accounting.

The coursework actually varies depending on the college. However, these classes include topics about general business. You also have to study business ethics, business law and economics. You also have to learn current liabilities and payroll, intangible and fixed assets. There are subjects that teach you about receivables, cash and internal control. Other topics are about inventories, accounting for merchandising businesses and accounting systems.


The positions you can work depends on what online degree yuu take up. You may end up as a mid-level tax accountant or entry-level bookkeeper. The most basic program is a two-year associate degree. There are also four year bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Depending on your degree, you may have to learn about completing the accounting cycle, making adjustments and accounting laws in Ireland.

You also have to learn about earnings retention, corporate income statement, rights of stockholders and ownership of a corporation. Aspiring accountants also learn about recording the payroll, compulsory & voluntary deductions. Other subjects concern payroll, taxes purchase, sales, cash receipts, & cash payments journals.
Ordering systems are also studied.

Live Training

Many of these colleges offer internship as part of the training. This is designed for students to learn about diverse accounting jobs. Although Internet classes are valuable, internships give you an opportunity to apply what you learned in real-life scenarios. Your professional skills will be developed too.

Other Information

Accounting Ireland schools may also offer other programs. For example you may have to study ethics, analyzing transactions and how accounting and business interact. Students may be required to take up liabilities, preferred equity, amortization of capital assets and weighted average.

You must also study Inventory systems, temporary investments and current assets. Internet modules may include courses for preparing financial statements for a corporation, statement of retained earnings, distributing dividends and & par-value stocks. Many others may be included.

Online courses for accounting Ireland can lead to a profitable job. To be accepted, you must have an accounting degree. Knowledge of business will also be accepted.