Online Courses for Associates Degree in Accounting

Online courses for associates degree in accounting will give students sound knowledge of the subject. Graduates from these programs can apply for entry-level accounting positions.


The following are the major types of associate accounting programs. Many colleges for accounting offer them all or variants.

Associate of Business Administration

The subjects focus on accounting while giving the student knowledge about business. There is also emphasis on accounting applications and theories. Some of the courses that have to be taken are computerized accounting, corporate finance, payroll, business law and management principles.

There are also topics about business organization and accounting principles. There are also elective courses required. They usually consist of English composition and communications. Students must also learn about accounts payable, auditing, taxes and computers. They must also study different business operations.

Associate of Applied Science

This accounting program provides knowledge needed for starting an accounting career. They also learn how to work with different groups. Courses focus on general education, accounting-based computer software and principles used in the industry.

They also learn about mathematical analysis and develop critical thinking. Other courses are about project management, marketing, microeconomics, business law and labor standards. Just like other courses, students have to learn about project management, marketing, microeconomics, business law, taxation and payroll accounting.

Associate of Science

The emphasis is also in business and accounting. Courses focus on the sciences, liberal arts and business. Other required courses are business communications, finance, cost accounting, intermediate accounting and introduction to business. There are also subjects about information technology, management, economics and finance.

Associate of Arts

This program is for students who want to work as professionals. Courses can vary by university. But usually, tax law, quantitative skills, statistics, and fundamentals of accounting are included. There are also subjects about problem-solving, analytical thinking and technical skills.

Job Outlook

Aside from being an entry level accountant, you can also apply as an accounts receivable clerk, bookkeeper, billing clerk or accounting assistant. Regardless of the accounting school, the program will take one or two years to complete.


Check the university’s website for more information. Aside from admission requirements, check what the system specifications are. This is going to vary a great deal. What they will all require is a fast Internet connection.

Online courses for associates degree in accounting can use their position to study for bachelor’s degree. The fact that they have completed a degree makes studying easier.