Online Courses for Administrative Assistants

Online courses for administrative assistants are now available on the web. Most of these are individual class by class. But there are also courses integrated in Associate of Applied Science degree programs.

Learning Systems

The majority of technical colleges in the US have courses for aspiring administrative assistants. Some of these courses are hybrid. But most of them can be completed on the Internet. Different learning systems are available, but the most commonly used is Blackboard software.

Reading materials comprise most of the study resources. But many websites offer video and streaming audio, which makes learning easier. There are several resources available online. There are also online quizzes, chat rooms and message boards. These allow you to get in touch with instructors.


Some of these administrative assistant classes are available 24/7. But others run for a semester and follow the schedule of traditional classes. It is up to you to decide which is better. Some prefer studying in a regular class. But others prefer classes with more flexible schedules.

AAS Degrees and Required Coursework

Online administrative assistance associate of applied science degrees (AAS) are commonly found on the web. To finish these courses you need to take up subjects like communications and records management, career management and administrative office procedures. Aspiring assistants must also take up business writing and research, project management and coordination.

Computer Software Studies

Aspiring students are often required to study PowerPoint, Excel and Word. There may also be other courses required. Some of them might include meeting management, business law and keyboarding. Some of these online classes require knowledge of QuickBooks Pro. Other general coursework subjects are also required.


Almost all students of these courses have to take part in an internship or on the job training. These courses count for extra credits. These programs are completed in live classes. The number of live classes you have to take varies.

Other Information

Once you graduate, there are several job opportunities. You can apply as a program assistant, project coordinator or information processing specialist. You can also find work as an office assistant or administrative support specialist or a receptionist. The demand for these employees is high, which is why these courses are growing in number.

Online courses for administrative assistants have different price tags. If you are going to take one of these programs, check their accreditation too. This is to ensure that your studies are recognized and accepted by companies.