Online Courses for Medical Administrative Assistant

Taking online courses for medical administrative assistant has become a viable option because e-learning sites have improved in quality. There are many options available for students today.


The purpose of these sites is to explain the role that the assistant will perform in the doctor’s office. These programs will help develop the needed office skills too. You must also become familiar with the terms used in medicine. Several online universities offer classes for improving medical background as well as medical office skills.

Course Contents and Features

Courses are available for office administration. Among the subjects that will be tackled here are communications, computer applications and accounting. The medical section of the course include topics like medical terms, transcription, coding, medical ethics and billing. Filing and processing medical claims and taking blood pressure are also studied.

There will also be courses on various basic medical skills. While students are not training to be doctors, basic knowledge about medicine is necessary.

Participants in these courses may also be taught various computing skills. You can also take other classes so you can just focus on the medical / office skills. Because computers are so widely used, it is absolutely necessary to learn how to use computer software. Other simple duties like front desk work and taking calls are also covered online.

Other topics which are studied are reimbursement methodologies, basic pharmacology and other concerns in the medical industry. Some courses concentrate on how to deal with patients.

Online and On-Campus Work

Almost all these websites center on medical office management and what you should do. Internet courses of this type can be completed online. But some of them have to be done on campus. These campuses may include subjects like how to process medical insurance files, make schedules and handle appointments.

Most of these on-campus activities include diagnostic tests. This helps students gain the experience required for the job. There will also be laboratory tasks which are conducted in these sites.

Other Information

Aside from being an assistant, you can also take other courses so you can become a medical office manager. Internet programs offer bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. It takes less than a year to complete the diploma level. The bachelor’s degree will take longer, about 20 months.

Online courses for medical administrative assistant may also require you to take classes in supervisory skills, financial issues in healthcare, healthcare computer applications and several other courses.