Online Courses for Banking

Online courses for banking are available from several universities and colleges. The major subjects are principles of banking, money, commercial and consumer lending. Those who want to be an investment banker also have options for study on the web.

Coursework Overview

Subjects in universities with banking programs cover a wide array of subjects. They begin with banking fundamentals. They learn about basic banking services. You will also study how financial institutions operate.

Basic courses explain how national and state banks function, their similarities and differences. Banking transaction principles are also covered and studied intensively. Students also have to go over the role of the Federal Reserve.

Additional Details

Colleges with banking study programs teach about trust operations, loans and investments. Other subjects are about bookkeeping, procedures and collection functions. Aspiring bankers must also learn how to process items and the history of banking.

Money and Finance Course

This course is necessary to understand money management. You will learn how currencies work in the US economy. Students learn about relevant government regulations and financial theory.

Enrollees will understand how money works in financial institutions and markets. You also learn how currency works, the function of banks and examining money supply. Sometimes the Fed’s operations and policies are studied
in this course.

Overview of Lending Course

This is for those who want to focus on consumer and commercial lending. The main subjects center on income statements, balance sheets identification and basic principles of extending consume credit. Participants in this course also study loan applications and commercial credit. Loan processing and grants is also studied. Collateral is also covered in this course.

Additional Areas of Study

Anyone who wants to enter banking must study rebates, compute interest charges, loan prices and collections. Consumer compliance is also studied. Banking laws are also explored in depth. Participants also discover how government laws are implemented.

Other subjects are about keeping positive banking relations and money flow. Certain Federal auditing measures are also studied. These subjects are usually taken after going through a basic banking study.

Other Information

Students of banking must also take up financial statement analysis. The subjects in this course include financial data analysis. Students get trained to assess a borrower’s odds of getting loans or grants.

Online courses for banking are becoming more common. Banking and finance related courses have always been part of traditional schools. But increased use of the Internet for study has increased the number of web banking classes.