Online Courses for Biology Credit

Online courses for biology credit are no longer as difficult to find as it used to be. Once you graduate, you can work as a biologist and know how the natural world works.


Most of the Internet classes are at the master’s degree level. However, there are associate’s degree programs you can avail of. Other types are also available on the Internet. An associate’s degree provides students with a wide perspective on life processes, creatures and nature.

Some of the online programs involve lab simulations or lab work itself. Some courses also provide topics on related subjects like agriculture and healthcare.

Hybrid Classes

A lot of the hybrid programs now combine Internet coursework with traditional classroom studies. Most of the lab work demands students to be on campus or another chosen facility. However, there are now some websites which use simulation software. This allows different types of lab work to be conducted on the Internet.

Content and Features

Internet courses are organized in different ways. Usually these lessons are grouped so students can study at the pace they like. Many websites use video, audio animation and other forms of multimedia to present the lessons. Assorted types of courses can be accessed on the web. Some courses provide liberal arts or general education as well. This can be accessed at the online site.

Among the most popular subjects are plant biology and microbiology. Many courses focus on topics like evolution, heredity, reproduction, cell structure RNA and DNA.

Analyzing viruses and bacteria is also required in these sites. In plant biology, the topics concentrate on plant function, structure and diversity. The anatomy of plants, their evolution, environmental interactions and growth are also explored in detail. You can also go for an associate’s degree in biology and related topics.

Other Information

A master’s degree in biology requires more extensive studies. In most cases there is no specialization; they study different and vast topics. There are also courses that have a lot of electives. This allows the student to concentrate on diverse issues such as biotechnology, pathology, wildlife biology, cell biology and human biology.

Some of these courses are designed for teachers who want to expand their knowledge of the subject.

Online courses for biology credit usually don’t have a time limit regarding enrollment. You can register at the class at any point. In some cases students are required to submit GRE scores. Check the online site to be sure.