Online Biology Courses for College Credit

Online biology courses for college credit are now being taken up by many students. Over the years, the quality of Internet based education has improved. Students can also work around the schedule in case they are busy. Online classes for credit have also gone up in numbers as well.


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You can select from a variety of universities over the web. Although you are not in a traditional classroom, the subjects that have to be completed are the same as those of a regular class. Of course unlike in a real classroom, you can study the lessons online.

Requirements vary per site; there are courses with prerequisites, but others don’t have any. However, it is recommended that aspirants have experience in high school biology class.

Course Features and Contents

There are several options online, including biology for those who didn’t major in science. There are also specific subjects for those who did specialize in the subject. There are courses which focus on basic concepts.

Other courses are about cells and their role in genetics. Molecular biology and biodiversity are two other topics which are discussed frequently in Internet classes.

It is also commonplace for Internet programs to center on animals and their behavior. The evolution, reproduction and role of organisms are also studied frequently. Online classes that explain the role of biology today are also available.

These courses are not limited to organisms alone. There are topics which concentrate on the interaction between organisms and the environment. Students can also take up courses that explore human diseases that have microbial origins. Evolution is another topic covered in these classes.

Other Information

These courses are not just about specific subjects like cell biology or microbiology. These courses also develop student’s skills in resolving problems. They are also taught how to concentrate and think critically. Reading materials are used in these classes. But a great deal of them are now using video.

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Before you sign up for these classes, check their credit information. Also compare the costs per course. Some sites offer discounts for those who purchase several units. Of course your choice should not solely be about the price. You should also check the quality of the courses. The site must also be accredited so it will be recognized by universities.

Aside from the benefits stated, online biology courses for college credit also reduces the amount of travel to be done. You just need a computer with Internet access to study these subjects.