Online Courses for College Algebra

Online courses for college algebra are being used by several students around the world. If you are busy or just want to try nontraditional study methods, the Internet may be a good option.


Internet based courses are similar in content to traditional classrooms. The bulk of the courses will focus on solving logarithmic, polynomial and exponential problems. Graphing is also taught on the web.

Students will also learn how to analyze compound interest using exponential functions. Participants will also discover different methods for resolving statistical problems. Online calculators are used to solve logarithmic functions.

Basic and Advanced Topics

These courses start with basic algebraic operations. Topics include fundamental operations and real numbers and polynomials. Students will learn how to work with real numbers and factor in polynomials. Students will also be taught how to use absolute value in equations, inequalities and linear inequalities and applications.

Students will solve different problems within these systems. They will also be instructed how to work with notation of inequalities. These classes explore quadratic equations, solve square root properties, factoring and various formulas and functions.

Other subjects that are taught include solving radical and rational equations. Subjects on polynomial and other equations include multiplying and dividing intricate numbers. Other topics that will be studied are function notations, preparing linear equations and identifying functions.

As the student advances, they will take up operations on functions, graphs analysis, rational function graphing, exponential functions and equations. Participants discover how to resolve augmented matrices, series and sequences.

Participants in these programs are taught how to work with problems using mathematical sequences, summation notation and uncovering partial sums of a series. Students learn how to prepare terms of sequence and use rows of equations. They will also be instructed about matrix sizes and fixing linear systems via elimination.

Other Information

Internet algebra classes are usually accessible 24 hours a day. Most of these online programs offer support and instructors. Tuition prices vary. Some of these courses recommend buying textbooks. These are used to supplement your studies.


Applicants must have solid concepts of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction of fractions. They should also be familiar with graphing, decimals and quadratic equations. Knowledge of geometry is a plus. In fact some online classes stipulate this in their admission requirements.

Online courses for college algebra are every bit as challenging as a regular course. However, many people prefer to study online because the schedules are easier to work with.