Online Courses for College Math Credit

Online courses for college math credit are diverse, giving plenty of options for those who want to become math teachers or mathematicians.


Those who want to study the subject can opt for any of the degrees available on the Internet. Graduate and undergraduate degrees are offered on the web. There are courses that allow you to focus on specific subjects or specialize in sub disciplines like geometry, spatial theories, quaintly and patterns. If you have a high school diploma or GED, there are several Internet courses where you can get a bachelor’s degree.

Features of Online Courses

Almost all of these undergraduate courses use instant messaging or email to help students study the material. Some of these Internet courses allow students to finish the courses on their own. This also holds true for the tests and examinations. But there are some courses which have deadlines and schedules to follow.

Hybrid Courses

Some of these websites require participants to go to campus and perform various activities. While some courses can be completed on the Internet, there are some which require you to finish on-site activities before getting the degree. This is necessary so students can interact with instructors.

Online Curriculum

The coursework lays emphasis on math subjects like linear algebra, applied statistics, probability theory and analytic geometry among others. Differential equations are also covered in depth. However, other subjects like English, history and science are taught as well.

More advanced mathematical theories and concepts can be found in certain websites. These will include number theories and research on space and patterns as they relate to math. These websites use different technologies to deliver the information. All of them will have text and illustrations.

But there are also those which use video, audio and videoconferencing. To access interactive tutorials you will need a fast Internet connection.

Other Information

Most of these courses teach vector calculus, multi-variable calculus, numerical analysis and partial differential equations. Aside from this, students are required to make a thesis.

This is conducted under the guidance of a member of the faculty. Their guide can be contacted via email, mobile phone or other means. The subjects at the master’s level are almost exclusively about math.

Online courses for college math credit continue to grow in number. There is no question that these courses are difficult. But the Internet makes research a bit easier with all the technology that is available today.