Online Courses for College Credit in Ma

Online courses for college credit in Ma are among the most diverse on the web. The following are some of the programs and degrees currently offered.


Available degrees are associate, bachelor, certificate and master’s degree. Among the most popular courses are government / history, accounting world studies, web development certificate, sports administration and sociology.

Students can also take up small business management, retail management and psychology. Degrees are also available for pharmacy technology, professional customer service, paralegal studies and office administration.

Enrollees can also take multimedia development, multimedia and Internet, medical administrative assistant or Master of Science in Nursing. There are also American studies and Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies.

Students who are interested in web design have several courses to choose from. This includes basic web page development. Other degrees of interest are CIS forensics, communication, complementary healthcare, computer forensics and computer information systems. Other computer courses are on programming, engineering technology and computer assisted accounting certificate.

More Features

Massachusetts colleges also offer computerized bookkeeping, criminal justice and deaf studies. Course transferability is the same as that in a traditional classroom. Before transferring students should learn the institution requirements of the institution they are interested in.

Students may also pursue desktop publishing technology, E-commerce certificates and early childhood education are on these universities as well. Video is used in some of these courses as well. Most web browsers will have no problems displaying this data. If your browser is unable to display them, you need to download the appropriate plug-in.

Requirements for Students

Only basic computer skills are needed by applicants. Students must know how to send and receive email and use attachments. They should have knowledge of word processing, cutting and pasting. Special courses will have other requirements. You will need to have a reliable Internet connection. A weak connection can make it hard to follow instructions on the web.

Other Information

Cost will vary per course. The price tag does not include those of the textbooks required in some lessons. Their courses have several instructors to guide their students. Most of them are members of the school faculty. They are all trained to teach online classes.

Students can interact with instructors via email or discussion boards. Some of them engage in chat sessions. There are instructors that can be reached by telephone.

Online courses for college credit in Ma will require registration. Once you are registered, you can begin studying.