Online Courses for College Credit Spanish

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Online courses for college credit Spanish can be accessed by students anywhere in the world. Many of these courses provide certificates of completion for graduates so they function like real universities.

Language Courses on the Internet

A lot of these sites are linked to state universities, but these courses are open to everyone and not just those living in the state. Before you enroll read up on the rules. Study how the enrolling process works. Take note of the requirements and what classes are available.

While all these sites teach Spanish, the way the study materials are presented differ. The ways projects are assigned also vary. If you are still looking for an online program, it has to be user friendly.

Set Up of Internet Classes

Many of the sites that teach conversational Spanish have flexible schedules. Some Internet language programs are divided into semesters though. These are scheduled on certain periods (i.e., spring, fall etc) and last a month or two. In this scenario, the classes are more traditional in terms of schedule.

In other Internet classes, you will use virtual notebooks and textbooks. Some websites have guided tours to explain how the lessons work. If you have never studied online before, these tours and explanations will help.


Some courses teach only the basics of the language. Others contain progressive lessons. Often you can study the materials alone. Other sites will have instructors to help you learn Spanish. The study alone courses let you pick and choose the subjects.

In an instructor based class, you will be given exercises and tutorials. Many language websites have audio / video material. This can be a real help when it comes to pronunciation.


Courses on the web are available in different forms. There are English – Spanish, Spanish – English translations, answering test questions and filling in blanks. Sites with audio may require you to listen to a Spanish phrase and then pronounce it. Some courses will have you translating words and sentences into Spanish or English.

Other Information

Online school resources often have discussion forums and chat rooms. This is where you can interact with their professors and fellow students. While you can arrange the schedule any way you like, you have to put in the hours. To be successful, you should study at least an hour a day.

Online courses for college credit Spanish require the same amount of work you put in a university. The difference is the scheduling is often more flexible.