Online Courses for College in Montana

Online courses for college in Montana have become staples in many educational institutions there. Just like other universities in America, they have integrated the Internet and web technology in the classroom.


With plenty of universities and colleges, students can choose from a variety of courses and degrees. Many of the colleges in Montana offer courses in sciences, the arts, conservation and forestry, information technology, web design and nursing.

Other popular programs are about fine arts, journalism, business, law, education and pharmacy. Some schools focus on specific topics like nursing or law. But most of them offer several degrees.

Format and Features

Internet based classes have flexible schedules. You can study during the day or night. Even though you are not in a real classroom, they provide different ways to interact. The most common method used is email. Many sites employ forums and discussion boards. Their web classes are supersized by instructors. They will assess and grade the assignments submitted.

You can complete many of the courses online regardless of the degree. But live classes are required in programs like law, nursing, engineering etc. Internships are needed so students get the experience necessary.

Not all colleges offer multimedia resources. While some sites use them extensively, others do not. It depends a lot on the subjects. Some topics such as meteorology, physics and anatomy benefit from these. Other courses rely more on video.


The stipulations and rules vary by college. There are also distinct requirements for freshmen, transferring students, etc. You can apply online, but many still require you to submit documents and transcripts physically. School records must be submitted. Cost of application fees differ. In some schools, freshmen have to take the SAT or ACT test. Aside from school transcripts, GPA scores will be assessed.

Other Information

Some of the largest universities and colleges in Montana offer dozens of field studies. The high end classes offer engineering, microbiology, biology and many other subjects. Many of these sites offer continuing education for professionals. You will also find online classes for adult education.

Most of these classes accept credits from other colleges and online programs. There are also many schools offering summer programs / classes for high school students. Many of them can now be accessed online too.

Online courses for college in Montana are plentiful, but the features are not the same. This means that some colleges are more integrated with the web than others.