Online Courses for College for Navarro College

Online courses for college for Navarro College provide students with an opportunity to learn at home. Some of these subjects are fully online and others which are hybrid.

Coursework Overview

Navarro College programs cover a wide array of subjects. Accounting, welding, veterinary sciences, tech prep and speech are provided. Other subjects explore topics such as sociology, sciences, psychology, protective services – EMS, fire, paramedic, police and power plant operations and maintenance certificate.

There are other subjects concerning philosophy, petroleum technology and paralegal studies. Students may also pursue multimedia technology, medicine, mathematics, kinesiology, industrial equipment maintenance and repair.

Other Areas of Study

Enrollees can pursue topics such as history, health professions, government and general studies. Aside from these, those who enroll in the college can take up foreign language, fine/performing arts, English, engineering, education, developmental reading, writing, and mathematics.

Other studies are about criminal justice, cosmetology, continuing and workforce education, computer information technology and child development. Business, information technology, Basic education and agriculture are also available for students.


These online classes provide convenience and flexibility. This allows students to meet their other obligations even while studying on the web. The college offers dozens of courses. Students can finish their associate degree on their site. The courses can be transferred to several universities and colleges. There are over 500 credit courses available.


You need to have a fast Internet connection. Your system has to be 400 megahertz Intel Pentium III processor minimum. 128 or MB of RAM is required. The minimum hard disk space is 6 GB. A 17″ monitor is needed. If you are using a Mac, you must have a 17″ monitor, Macintosh OS 9, 6 gigabytes hard drive and 128 MB of RAM. The processor has to be 400 megahertz minimum. Required software are Windows 2000/XP and higher or Mac OS 10.3 or better.

You can use any browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for opening POF files. You also need to have the Java 2 run time environment or better. Windows Media Player or something similar is needed. This is used for playing videos and audio files. Adobe Flash Player is also needed.

Note: some of these online programs have extra additional hardware/software needs. You have to get in touch with the course teacher.

Online courses for college for Navarro College accept applications on the web. There are no fees or essays required. International students are also accepted.